Difusor en frio tipo ventury de aceite esencial puro


Good quality chemotyped essential oils require a tool that allows not only their olfaction but also their entry into the body through the respiratory system without having been modified in temperature, physical or chemical composition. An essential oil suspended in microdrops in the environment does not allow the existence of any virus, bacteria, fungus or parasite. To start our adventure in aromatherapy for health and well-being, we suggest, in addition to the indispensable tool of an atmospheric cold diffuser of essential oils, a relaxing oil, an invigorating oil and a multipurpose one.

An atmospheric cold diffuser for essential oils is the best technology to disperse aromatic molecules, taking advantage of their volatile characteristics. Through the effect of capillarity, the essential oil found in the glass ball rises through the base of the vertical channel (a glass capillary microtubule) and when it is at its end, a microdrop of essential oil located at the tip of the tube capillary where, thanks to a silent air pump and a second horizontal tube with Venturi effect, it blows pressurized air, nebulizing the microdroplets of essential oil that spread into the atmosphere. Glass is an innocuous material, the diffusion process occurs cold and does not physically or chemically modify the essential oil, thus allowing it to preserve all its therapeutic properties.

To achieve the therapeutic effect it is advisable to have a good diffuser. When using a good diffuser, it is not necessary to dilute the pure essential oil in another oil, much less in water.  A good diffuser does not heat or ionize pure essential oil. A good diffuser blows air into a drop of oil, thus allowing this double lipid bilayer of pure essential oil with air inside to overcome gravity. Through diffusion, the senses can be revived in the most natural way possible, either by breathing the air or through the psychic or emotional effect.

Get in touch with the best of essential oils through a good atmospheric cold essential oil diffuser, which is a therapeutic tool that suspends microdrops of medicinal plants in the environment, managing to unite the physical molecular world with the intangible world. invisible and subtle aroma. Because the essential oil is suspended unchanged in the environment, the cold essential oil diffuser allows essential oils to enter the body safely through the airway. Once the aromatic molecules enter our body through the airway, in addition to performing therapeutic actions in the respiratory system, they pass into the bloodstream, performing their therapeutic effects on all the organs of our body.

Difference between the diffuser and the cauldron? The cauldron only evaporates the essential oil with heat, releasing its smell, but rapidly degrading its active ingredients, while the diffuser works when cold, nebulizing microdrops of essential oil, which preserves all its medicinal and olfactory qualities. Due to the above, the relation time of use and use of the properties of the essential oil versus cost is much better with the cold essential oil diffuser.

"Cold electric nebulization diffusion: the essential oil will be used pure. The diffuser will project the essential oil into microparticles that will not be heated (which preserves the properties of essential oils) and will be released into the atmosphere" [1].


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