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ORANGE AND ROSEMARY ESSENTIAL OIL Qt CINEOL: Physical and emotional toning mixture

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This blend of chemotyped pure essential oils of Rosemary ( Rosmarinus officinalis cineoliferum) and Orange (Citrus sinensis) essential oil has toning properties on a physical and emotional level.

Rosemary chemotype Cineol ( Rosmarinus officinalis cineoliferum) chemotyped pure essential oil has demonstrated stimulating properties, sensation of feeling more awake, more alert and good-tempered. The pure essential oil of Rosemary chemotype Cineol has traditionally been used:

  • As therapeutic (as prevention and treatment) in respiratory conditions such as lung congestion, cough with phlegm, pharyngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis because it restores the lungs, eliminates phlegm and has an analgesic effect. Tones and warms the lungs. It dissipates lung congestion and has antibacterial activity [1].
  • Reduce inflammation and pain: the presence of 1,8-cineole, Camphor, Alpha-pinene, Beta-pinene and Beta-Caryophyllene contribute to the anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive properties of this essential oil. The anti-inflammatory activity results from different mechanisms of action that are not fully elucidated; reduction of the activity of cyclooxygenase (Cox) enzymes in contrast to current non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), inhibition of white blood cell migration, inhibition of inflammatory mediators.

  • Cough with phlegm : property related to the presence of eucalyptol (1,8-cineole), pinenes and sesquiterpenes that give this oil spasmolytic and bronchodilator, decongestant, mucolytic and antitussive activity.

  • Abdominal distension: tones and warms the intestines and urogenital organs.
  • Restores the adrenal glands and is diuretic. T onifies and warms the urogenitals.
  • It is useful for brain fatigue , either topically or inhaled. Inhalation of rosemary essential oil improves alertness, associated with a decrease in alpha waves and an increase in beta waves in EEG [5]. It resets the brain, nerves, lifts the mood and strengthens for what is used as a psychic fortifier in depression, isolation, conformity, tightness in the chest, and suffocation.
  • General fatigue: Rosemary essential oil is a strong invigorator that is used in periods of crisis or stress or exhaustion from excessive work (it clears the head). It is indicated for problems with concentration, memory, self-confidence, hair loss, physical and intellectual fatigue, and psychological tension. It stimulates the CNS, which is why it is used for loss of smell and vision (unblocks and clears vision).
  • It is immunostimulant because it restores the spleen, generates heat, disperses cold, stimulates the heart and circulation. This oil has shown stimulating properties in animal studies that show stimulation of the sympathetic tone, increased locomotion, blood pressure (Important to consider in patients with hypertension), heart rate and respiratory rate in humans. Sensation of feeling more awake, more alert and good-tempered.

  • This essential oil decreases anxiety, cortisol levels, and headaches [2].

Orange (Citrus sinensis) essential oil acts as a nerve tonic for those who suffer from loss of energy and depression. Relieves stress thanks to its sedative power. Its aroma helps to dispel feelings of sadness, anguish, anger, evoking moments of happiness, peace and tranquility. A few drops in a diffuser reduce anxiety and nervousness. Orange essential oil (Citrus sinensis) allows you to reconnect with your sun, reconnect with your essence, reconnect with yourself. The essential oil of Citrus sinensis is used as raw material for the elaboration of traditional remedies for: heartburn, anguish and anxiety, difficult digestion (dyspepsia), flatulence, liver failure and slowness.

  • Its essential oil is extracted from the shell of its fruits. Its sweet, fruity, warm, cheerful, refreshing, pleasant aroma helps us connect with our inner child.
  • Acts as a nerve tonic for those suffering from loss of energy and depression. Relieves stress thanks to its sedative power. Its aroma helps to dispel feelings of sadness, anguish, anger, evoking moments of happiness, peace and tranquility. A few drops in a diffuser reduce anxiety and nervousness.
  • It is indicated in constipation, gastroenteritis, fatty liver and cramps.
  • Induces sleep.
  • It is important for regenerating and moisturizing the skin.
  • Its aroma is one of the children's favorites.
  • It generates a positive environment, ideal to start the day with strength and optimism.
  • With orange essential oil, you will never again experience a meeting where conflicts rise to a point of no return.

Message from Doctor Saliarmo: In the midst of this pandemic we are reaching levels of fatigue, anguish, anxiety, stress and even so we have the desire to get ahead, but we do not know how to begin to resume our activities, to reactivate ourselves. Doctor Saliarmo proposes this reactivation exercise so that you can achieve success in whatever you undertake in this new normality.

Reactivation exercise : place a drop of orange & rosemary essential oil on the left thumb and press GV20 (located in the midline on the top of the head where the fontalelle is located in babies) for one minute at the same time as you close your eyes (if you're alone out loud if you're with someone else you can do it mentally) and say: "I love myself unconditionally". Next, apply a drop to the palm of your right hand, rub your hands together and take three deep sniffs, placing your hands in front of your nose. Then, with the right hand, join the thumb, index and middle fingers and strike several times on the forehead at the level of the frontal chakra, at the same time you press the left earlobe with the left thumb and index finger. You hold the position for a few minutes. Do it once a day in the morning, every day.

How to use: See uses and benefits of orange essential oil and rosemary essential oil.

Active ingredients with concentration ranges: Limonene 47.50%, 1,8-Cineole (eucalyptol) 22.74%; Alpha-pinene 11.98%, Camphor (ketone) 5.00%, Beta-Pinene 3.48%; Camphene 2.26%; Beta-Caryophyllene (a sesquiterpene) 1.83%; Borneol 1.15%, Beta-Myrcene 0.94%, Linalool 0.21%, Sabineno 0.20%, Decanal 0.11% and other molecules in lower concentrations.

Commercial presentation: Pure chemotyped essential oil of Rosemary essential oil ( Rosmarinus officinalis cineoliferum) and Orange essential oil (Citrus sinensis) in a 10 mL amber bottle with a dosing dropper. Guaranteed traceability under laboratory control accredited by INVIMA.

Contraindications, Precaution and Conservation: Apply under medical supervision in asthmatic and epileptic patients. It is irritating to the skin; For topical use, dilute it with a vegetable oil in a maximum proportion equivalent to 20%. Contraindicated in patients with gallstones. Do not use for a long time. Do not combine with medications. It is advisable to test the oil on the inside of the elbow to demonstrate the risk of allergy. Avoid its use during pregnancy and in children under three years of age. Do not use pure on the skin. Store in a dark place at a temperature not exceeding 25ºC.

Quality Guarantees:

  • This essential oil is 100% pure and of natural origin.
  • Chemotyped Essential Oil – The biochemical composition of each batch of essential oil is guaranteed by the analytical technique of Gas Chromatography coupled with Mass Spectrometry.
  • Guaranteed traceability.
  • Supervised in a laboratory accredited by INVIMA.
  • Our essential oils have a certification of non-compulsory Sanitary Registration granted by INVIMA according to resolution 2021035758.



[1] Gachkar, L., Yadegari, D., Rezaei, MB, Taghizadeh, M., Astaneh, SA, & Rasooli, I. (2007). Chemical and biological characteristics of Cuminum cyminum and Rosmarinus officinalis essential oils. Food chemistry , 102 (3), 898-904.

[2] Cha, JH, Kim, MJ, Kim, HS, & Kim, YI (2010). Effects of aromatherapy in blending oil of basil, lavender, rosemary, and rose on headache, anxiety and serum cortisol level in the middle-aged women. Journal of Korean Biological Nursing Science , 12 (3), 133-139.

[5] W. Sayorwan, N. Ruangrungsi, T. Piriyapunyporn, T. Hongratanaworakit, N. Kotchabhakdi, and V. Siripornpanich, “Effects of inhaled rosemary oil on subjective feelings and activities of the nervous system,” Sci. Pharm. , vol. 81, no. 2, 2013, doi: 10.3797/scipharm.1209-05.

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